Trying to Deal with Anxiety and Depression Through my Work


ately I’ve been trying to deal with my anxiety and depression through work. It’s pretty obvious that everyone from any background in this new age of information is suffering from some kind of mental illness. I can’t afford to see a therapist on a regular basis (not that I entirely think this helps) so I have to try and medicate myself alternatively.

At times the struggle to continue a normal routine is overwhelming and I end up spending days doing nothing constructive or very little. This all changes if I have a full time job - although that overwhelming feeling is still there I have to force myself to get out and be productive and so I do.

I’ve been off social media for a week now, only logging on when I absolutely need to for the magazine. I’ve completely cleaned out my emails and unsubscribed to what felt like a million email subscriptions. Honestly I feel a little better without the multimedia looming over my head.

I want to set some goals for myself: obviously there is the magazine which I never really can stop, I also want to make more - I’ve looked at making my own frames, darkroom equipment and thought about my next photobook creation.

Joe and I are about to make the move to our new one bed flat in Berlin and I’m a little excited but still feeling low.